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Security in developing countries

Developing countries by their very nature have weak and compromised policing and security systems, which create little fear for criminals and those motivated by bad intent. The Police Accountability Board for the UK reported in their 2021 Annual Report that the average police response time was 7 minutes and 56 seconds in urban areas, and 11 minutes and 51 seconds in rural areas. Compare those figures with the police response in most South Saharan African and Caribbean countries with response rates of hours if they arrive at all (see Stanislas, 2020).

Despite the amazing investment opportunities in African countries security and safety is a serious concern, and a basic precondition for business investment which most governments appear unconcerned about; especially when the victims or potential victims are black. Taking responsibility for your own security and for others is important for those wanting to invest in Africa. Knowing how to carry out business, and other important matters, in a safe and secure manner in developing countries is Dr Perry Stanislas’ area of expertise. Dr Perry brings over 35 years of working, studying, and teaching/training professionals in security in African, Caribbean, and other developing countries as a policing and security specialist (see Perry's bio summary).

Security Advice & Support

Effective security

Essential to providing effective security in developing countries is access to established networks consisting of trusted handpicked local police and security personnel, and other occupational groups such as builders and electricians, working in partnership with fellow professionals from the Diaspora. Bringing together local knowledge and expertise and the experience of professionals from the world’s most advanced policing countries is at the core of Dr Perry approach to keeping people and their property safe in developing countries.

The key areas Dr Perry and his team can assist you with are:

Personal safety (particularly for single women travelling abroad).
Home safety and crime prevention.
Carrying out risk and vulnerability assessments (see Tehuti Security Policy 2008).
Carrying out background checks.
Commercial premises security.
Cyber security.
Livestock security.
Transport security.
Security technology and alarms.

Keep Safe when doing business in Gambia

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TTS is an arm of Total Security Technology Africa (TTSA), a company started by Dr Perry Stanislas originally for the Kenyan market that provides crime prevention and security advice, utilising affordable technologies sourced from around the world. As well as security resources, TTSA stocks a range of equipment and devices designed for emergencies of the types which are common in developing countries.

Due to the increasing interest in Gambia from the Diaspora and those wishing to establish businesses there, the need for protecting people and their property is an important priority, that calls for the services of TTSA in enhancing the quality of life, saving money by reducing potential loss, and giving peace of mind. Please visit TSTA's Facebook page. TSTA will be launching its online store supplying everything from sensor lighting, alarms, to include drones and much more for the African market in 2023.


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Keeping safe in developing countries.

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Crime Reporting

If you are a visitor and have been a victim of a crime in Gambia, or have come close to being a victim, please visit the below page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are most Sub Saharan African countries ?

Most of the countries popular with those from the Diaspora are relatively safe places. In poor countries the crimes which are common are similar in character to those in Western countries. However, in advanced countries CCTV is a standard feature which both helps to prevent crime and assists in the police apprehending offenders.

Criminals follow money, and with the increasing numbers of people from the Diaspora setting up businesses, building homes, or visiting African countries can contribute to an increase in these types of crimes.

What are the most common crimes in South Saharan countries?.

Crimes like property theft, home break-ins are to be expected. However, an added concern is these crimes can occur while homes are occupied which creates the potential for much more serious crimes involving violence in some instances.

Are there good insurance companies in African countries?

The use of insurance companies in poor or developing countries is not as widespread as in western countries. Insurance for domestic properties and contents is not common. Receiving pay outs for domestic loss due to crime can be very difficult and frustrating, which is why having good home security systems is the best and often cheapest way to protect yourself from potential loss.

How safe are the roads in most South Saharan countries?

Roads in most developing countries are potentially high risk given the lack of policing and traffic management technology which contributes to a generally poor levels of driving discipline. Moreover, things like corruption or personal associations with police officers make it less likely dangerous drivers will be prosecuted. Care needs to be taken when driving and who is driving.

Apart from crime what other personal safety concerns should I have when thinking about setting up business or investing abroad?

Fire prevention is very important in developing countries, along with having back up systems for power cuts are matters that may require some action. Seasonal heavy rainfall and flooding in some countries and its potential to cause damage are issues where some preventative action may be required. Having access to a good first aid kit is advisable. The basic rule of thumb is to reduce your reliance on government emergency services if possible.
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