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Our partners

Developing Strong Effective Partnerships

Fundamental to our strategy is developing strong working relationships with partners in African countries and the Diaspora. Examples of this are partnerships with local farmers, tradespeople, professionals, social organisations, and local communities.

Our strategy is to go beyond the legal minimal requirements when working in African countries, in terms of the number of partners required, and to develop and incorporate as many local people and partners as possible in the Club's operations and activities. This can be seen in our food production and processing cooperative (see case study page) where our policy is designed to increase the involvement of local people in our activities and remove as many obstacles as possible to facilitate this.

Our partners
An early morning planning meeting before the start of a training session.

Some of Our Partners

Lamin Cham

Lamin Cham is a resident of Gunjur in South Kombo, and an important partner in several businesses run jointly by members of Tehuti Investment Club, including a food producing and processing operation which is being established by the cooperative formed by the Club..

Several of these business will be featured on Tehuti website in the near future. Lamin plays a vital role in recruiting and managing staff and projects on behalf of the Club and its members. He first came to the attention of one of the Club’s founders, who was particularly impressed by his business intelligence, his work ethic and track record and evidence of personal success and ambition. In short, he was a good role model for young Gambian. Lamin is the key contact point for all Tehuti Club activities in Gambia. If you have a business idea or need assistance obtaining information on the ground in Gambia Lamin can be contacted below.

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+220 347 1755
Lamin Tourey

Lamin Tourey is a resident of Gunjur in South Kombo. He has a background in electronic engineering and runs his own repair workshop. However, he has wide experience in other areas of mechanical engineering, which includes borehole drilling. Lamin plays an important role in many aspects of the Club’s business and plans, and those of its individual members. This includes testing security technology and drones, to name a few areas of activity, and working in partnership with technical professionals from the Diaspora on a number of issues.

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+220 746 9421
Alex Darboe

Alex Darboe Founder of Nema Kuta Ecolodge is an expert local farmer who advises on sustainable agriculture, and the regional economy, and is able to provide support and advice to anyone interested in sustainable farming. For example, identifying and recruiting trusted local farmers, supervising local farmers, and staff. Alex is one of many trusted local people who play a vital role in Tehuti's various operations.

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A Garden Returns 50x the Investment You Put Into It.

Not just food, but joy, peace and a real connection with mother earth. A spiritual retreat from a noisy world and hurried people. Grow a garden.
Our partners

Interested in Owning Your Own Garden In Gambia?

Owning your own garden producing fruits, vegetables or medicinal crops can be a very lucrative and enjoyable activity. Members of Tehuti Investment Club are fruit and vegetable producers and others are preparing to enter medicinal farming. Why not join them?

If you are interested in owning your own garden or farm or want more information contact Lamin Cham or Alex Darboe whose contact details can be found in the section above.

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Benefit 1
Become a landowner and learn how to earn passive income wherever you are.
Benefit 2
Learn about organic vegetables and fruit production.
Benefit 3
Learn about medicinal farming. and the  global health  economy.

10 Simple Steps to Becoming a Successful Fruit and Vegetable Gardener:

Purchase land.
Fence the property.
Install a water system
Decide what you want to grow based on the demand.
Buy baby plants.
Regularly water your plants (or employ someone to do it).
Take produce to local wholesalers.
Sell produce and receive money.

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Why sustainable development is in important

Tehuti Investment Club promotes sustainable development in all its activities, as the most sensible way to develop African economies and societies. Professor Kennedy Mkutu's documentary on Kenya explains in detail the short-sighted nature of particular approaches to African development, which place little emphasis on sustainability and the harm that it causes. See the YouTube video. below:

Funding Development

Gambia is not only the smallest country in the West Africa region it is one of the poorest both in material and other human resources. According to the United Nations Development Programme Gambia was 175 out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index. The primary responsibility for the level of poverty and development of the people of Gambia lays squarely with the government who are elected to look after their citizens. By the same token, citizens are responsible for electing leaders who are committed to their collective interests and holding them to account.

It is not the responsibility of visitors to Gambia, and other African countries or voluntary organisations to replace the role of the elected government. However, organisations such as Tehuti Investment Club can play an important part in addressing material poverty and the lack of human resources. Supporting development projects is one of the founding goals of the Investment Club. Over the years the Club has contributed resources to important projects and initiatives in Gambia.

Our partners
Binta Sey Jadama  Regional Disaster Coordinator for the West Coast region of Gambia leading a training session funded by Tehuti Investment Club held in the Manduar Development Hub which the Club financially contributed to its building.
Our partners
Dr Perry Stanislas leading a training session on emergency planning held at the Manduar Development Hub on the West Coast.

Humanity Concern Foundation

Humanity Concern Foundation is a charity that specialises in disaster management and relief based in Manduar on the West Coast of Gambia. In 2017 Tehuti Investment Club funded the first two day training course on disaster planning. The Gambia historically suffers from serious flooding and wind storms which causes major damage to property and economic well-being. Helping local people to prepare and mitigate the potential effects of these disasters is crucial to the economic welfare and development. Please visit the Facebook group here.

Educational Bursaries

Tehuti Investment Club periodically contributes to student bursaries to enable students to continue with their education and training in high priority areas. Funding for good causes is based on the Club's, performance and strategic priorities.

Our partners
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