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Tehuti Investment Club: Investing in African Food Industries


Discover Tehuti Investment Club

Tehuti Investment Club came about to help disadvantaged black people from all walks of life to become financially successful. The Club was formed in 2007 to create wealth through saving and investment activities, by trading in the UK stock market in the first instance. Another Club's aim is to encourage and support black people in understanding the importance of these activities in improving their lives and independence.

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Investing in Food Industries
Want to learn how to invest in the African food industries individually or part of a cooperative? Tehuti Investment Club will assist you to successfully invest in the African food industries through a range of services and activities.
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Personal Financial Planning

Want to plan for your retirement or thinking about investing abroad? Lean how to generate passive income by investment and business activity to support your life plans and financial aspirations. We can assist you by sharing our experience of available investment instruments and exposing you to the types of opportunities you may wish to explore abroad.

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Security Advice & Support
Considering investing or opening a business in a developing country? Understanding the importance of effective security measures and practice is an essential component of modern-day business investing and leisure activities; particularly when thinking about operating abroad. We can provide expert support and advise in reducing risk in your business and investment activities to crime and similar problems.
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Investing in African Food Industries

Interested in a sound and rewarding investment? The sub-Saharan food industry is one of the continent’s potentially most lucrative areas of the economy which is seriously underdeveloped. In simple language, Black Africa does not produce enough food to meet domestic demand. The solution to this problem is not what is being advocated by people like Bill Gates, and others, with their calls for reducing the African birthrate.

Africa needs a strong and large population. The solution is simple. Produce more high-quality food to meet domestic demand, and at the same time reduce the costs to ordinary people, while making a healthy profit for African-based food producers and investors.

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