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Financial Courses & Workshops

Key Life Skills

One of the key teaching points stressed by Tehuti Investment Club is that learning to invest and trade is a core life skill, similar to using a computer or driving a motor vehicle. Whether it is learning to trade in the stock market, or investing in any market, such as the food industry. Once the fundamentals of trading and investing have been learnt they can be applied to a wide range of areas.
 The courses provided by Jennifer Williams are designed to assist people to develop effective life plans and prepare them for having a modern lifestyle, which includes creating multiple income streams and the ability to work from any location whether you are home or abroad.
The topics covered will include: 
  • How to make money using online platforms for investing.
  • How to set up an investment club and other cooperative economic activity in the home country.
  • Learn to how to transfer investment club etc from England to other countries
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Learn How to Development an Effective Trading Strategy

An important element is to develop an investment strategy. add elements of the course excerpt. How to achieve a 10 per cent minimum return on its investment capital for shares purchased and an optimal return of 100 per cent for the period they are held for. Thus seek to consistently outperform interest paid by banks on savings and the average FTSE market performance.

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Financial Courses & Workshops
Financial Courses & Workshops

Management Of Risk

Learn how to minimise your risks in trading, and investing in business practices The Club’s attitude to investment risk is based on a low to medium risk threshold. While the bulk of the Clubs holdings will be invested in relative safe equities with a reasonable potential for profit growth, a smaller portion of its holdings will be invested in equities deemed medium risk. The actual percentage breakdown of safe and medium risk assets held in Tehuti’s portfolio will be determined by its members.

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Collective Working

Most successful investment enterprises involve individuals working collectively to achieve common goals and objectives. Working collectively enables the pooling of financial, technical and other resources thus increasing the amount of capital available to reach the desired outcomes. 

The best example of this is the establishment of Tehuti Investment Club, which enabled individual members to pool relatively modest amounts of capital over a period of time to invest in the stock market, thus reducing the cost to individual members. 
Even more importantly, is the ability of individuals to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in the area of investing and the working of markets through collective learning. Learning to work collectively, and in a disciplined manner, is an important life skill that we teach and train others in order to establish successful investment clubs, economic cooperatives, and business partnerships.
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Financial Courses & Workshops
Financial Courses & Workshops

Approaches To Financial And Life Planning

Saving and investing are most effective when it's linked to life plans. Therefore the earlier individuals being to plan for their future the more likely they will succeed in their investment goals. However, many people are unclear about their future plans or how to achieve them, for example, whether to set up a business in the area they are interested in or whether to relocate or retire to a place of their choosing.

We are able to support individuals in developing their knowledge and skills base and providing opportunities to help achieve their life plans. This can be achieved through education, training, one-to-one support, and shared learning by working as part of a collective.

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